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Whether you are having drinks with colleagues, or grabbing a bite to eat before a performance at the Opera, Royal Gastropub is the place for you. Royal Gastropub is located in the heart of Østbanehallen, next door to Oslo S, and is the closest neighbor to trains, buses and trams. This is the perfect meeting place in the center of Oslo.

On the menu you can find both juicy cheese- and veggie burgers, in addition to salads and classic pub dishes, such as fish “n” chips and club sandwiches. With approximately 20 different types of beer on tap, and around 50 different types of beer in bottles, the restaurant has a large selection for every preference.


Outdoor seating facing the Opera

During the summer months, Royal Gastropub has a large, beautiful outdoor dining area with a view of the sea and the Opera, with seating for 200 people. They also have the city´s coolest bar: Utebaren, made completely from an ordinary container. Stop by and check it out!