Til hovedinnhold

Open until 23:00 today

On the second floor of Østbanehallen you will find what must be one of Oslo´s best burgers. At Opland Burger & Steak, the food is informal, however, no shortcuts are taken when the meat is grilled on the charcoal grill´s Rolls Royce, Josper.

With this grill, the steak and burger get their very own aroma, which brings out the most delicious of flavors. Served with side dishes such as small potatoes from the grill, tasty sauces or crispy fries, this is a restaurant for those who like laid-back, but real food.

Outdoor dining right by Oslo S

During the summer months, and if the weather permits, the outdoor restaurant opens in the backyard between Østbanehallen and Oslo S. Østbanehagen is a hidden gem with charming string lights and plenty of space to relax with friends and colleagues.

The outdoor dining area has its own food truck with delicious street food dishes, but if you want to enjoy a burger straight from the Josper grill or a tasty entrecôte, it is also possible to order from the kitchen inside.