Til hovedinnhold

Open until 20:00 today

When opening their first Kanelsnurren in Stavanger, the Danish duo Torben and Lærke placed great emphasis on using premium, organic, and natural ingredients, skilled craftmanship, and a lengthy fermentation process. And come March 2023, the first Kanelsnurren in Eastern Norway will open its doors at Østbanehallen.

Here you get both breakfast and lunch, made up of fresh sandwiches and crisp salads. Additionally, you´ll find a variety of freshly baked bread in all shapes and sizes, and grains.

And yes, at Kanelsnurren is every day cake day. Indulge in the many sweet temptations from the patisserie at Kanelsnurren – perhaps with a good cup of coffee from their own coffee roastery in Stavanger?